A forward-only email address means that the email address will receive email like a normal email address, but it will forward it to another specified email address. You will NOT have a login for the forward-only email address. A forward-only email address only exists to forward email to another email address.


[email protected]

forwards to

[email protected]

Any email sent to [email protected] will be forwarded to [email protected]. The emails that are sent to that address will NOT be stored anywhere except in the [email protected] account. You cannot log into [email protected].

Replying As A Forward-Only Email Address

Some email services like Gmail let you reply as other accounts, including a forward-only account.

In the example above, Gmail will give you an option to write an email from your [email protected] account and say it’s coming from [email protected].

**Update – you can still do this, but Gmail made a change recently and it’s now a little tricky for the average person to do. If you need help doing this, give us a shout.

Why Forward-Only Email Addresses Are Nice

Forward-only email addresses are great because you usually don’t have to pay to use them – they’re free. Forward-only emails are even better if you’re using a service like Gmail where you can reply as the forward-only email account.