A meta-description is a brief description that describes your website to search engines like Google. This description accompanies the search result for your website.

Here’s is what our meta-description looks like in Google as of December 2014:

PowerUp Productions Meta-Description

Also, by default social networking sites like Facebook will display your meta-description when you or anyone shares a link to your website.

What is Seen in Search Results

In search results people see the title of your site, the link to your site, and the meta-description for your site.

Technically, a search result is the result for a single page of your website, so for example your homepage, your about page, an individual blog post. In this sense, you can set a meta-description for each individual page on your website.

The most important page to carefully craft a meta-description for is your homepage.

How to Set Your Meta-Description

You’ll need to check your website platform or ask your web developer to help you with this. If you’re using WordPress to run your website, you can use plugins like WordPress SEO to help easily set your meta-descriptions.

If you’re a client of ours at PowerUp and we built your website, we have already set this up for you 🙂